Updated Third Edition of the Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Carey Guide Now Available

Since the first and second editions of the Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Carey Guide were published, there has been significant work and progress in this field. Informed by these developments, as well as the experiences of Carey Guide users, Carey Group Publishing (CGP) made the decision to revise this Guide, with the goal of increasing its focus on helping clients assume responsibility for their IPV.

CGP sought the opinions of researchers, practitioners, and treatment providers in revising Intimate Partner Violence, and had probation officers, from two states, who specialize in IPV supervision pilot test the Guide for six months. The third edition of Intimate Partner Violence is now ready. 

If You Currently Have a First or Second Edition of the Paper IPV Guide

CGP will replace, at no cost, the same number of first or second edition IPV Guides that you have. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. to complete an IPV Replacement Guide request form.
  2. Return all your first and second edition copies of IPV to:

    Carey Group Publishing
    8615 S. Highway A1A
    Melbourne Beach, FL   32951

  3. Dispose of any copies of the previous versions of the Guide tools that you or staff may have photocopied.
  4. When the third edition of IPV is printed, we will send it out to you.

If You Did Not Receive the Second Edition of the Paper IPV Guide with Your Carey Guides Shipment

CGP will send you the third edition of IPV when it is printed.

If You Currently Access the IPV Guide Through the Digital Library or TOD

The new version of the IPV Guide has already been uploaded to the Digital Library and TOD and is ready for your use.

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