Thinking for a Change (T4C)
Skill Reinforcement Manual

8" x 10", 36 pages


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This guide is for use by professionals working with offenders involved in the Thinking for a Change (T4C) program (version 3.1). (This guide is not intended as an aid to support those who are facilitating T4C groups.)

Change takes both time and positive reinforcement as offenders attempt to integrate new concepts and skills into their daily lives. Studies show that it can take up to 7 cycles of practice and relapse before new behaviors are integrated. Practice does not make perfect, but practice is what is needed to make change permanent. Some of this practice takes place within the T4C group setting, but much of it must take place in between group sessions.

Corrections professionals can support offenders' T4C learning by reinforcing prosocial skills when they are observed and by encouraging their use when they are not. In order for professionals to do so, they need to know what the offender is learning in T4C week by week. This manual provides an overview of the 25 lessons contained in version 3.1 of the Thinking for a Change curriculum. The lessons are presented in sequence to correspond to the T4C learning modules. Each lesson in this manual describes a key concept related to cognitive self-change, social skills development, or problem solving, which are at the core of T4C; prepares offenders for their next T4C lesson; offers corrections professionals tips on ways to promote offenders' skill development; and lists questions that corrections professionals can use to debrief offenders after each lesson.