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Learn more about backordered paper Carey Guides The paper version of the Carey Guides is currently on backorder and is estimated to be available in late October. In lieu of ordering the paper version of the Guides, we encourage customers to purchase the electronic version, which is available immediately. Each e-Guide license allows one user to access the e-Guides on up to two devices and to print the Guides’ 100 tools an unlimited number of times. Users also receive, at no extra cost, any future revisions to existing Guides. Additionally, with e-Guides, agencies can produce reports that provide data on staff members’ Guide access rate, including the Guides and tools most frequently used, and the criminogenic needs being addressed. Customers might also want to consider Tools on Devices (TOD), an add-on feature to the e-Guides that enables clients to complete Guide tools on their smartphones, tablets, and/or personal computers, and staff to monitor client progress. Please contact us if you have any questions about the e-Guides or TOD.

For those interested in receiving the paper version of the Carey Guides when inventory is restocked, please place your order. Carey Group Publishing will notify you as soon as your order has shipped. Should you place an order for multiple products, all currently available products will be shipped immediately.

Quantity Discounts Available

Also Available: in Spanish and as fillable forms on TOD

About the Carey Guides

"I love the Guides!!! I use them every day with all my cases!!! I can’t wait until the next contact when we get to go over their homework!"

- Parole Officer, Parole Department

"The Carey Guides offer cognitive interventions that help offenders change their behavior. They also help supervising officers by putting user-friendly and effective tools in their hands."

- Corrections Administrator, Midwestern State

"I love the Carey Guides, and some of my hard-core male offenders are also liking them and finding them useful!"

- Parole Officer, Parole Department

"The Carey Guides allow officers more options when interacting with their caseload. Using the Guides helps officers use their office contacts in a more meaningful way."

- Corrections Administrator, Central U.S.

"The Carey Guides are the vehicle for our officers to move offenders forward towards positive change. They are a staple in our supervision toolkit. The worksheets allow the probation officers to build rapport, encourage compliance, and lead offenders on a positive path forward."

- Community Corrections Administrator, Southern State

"The Carey Guides are an essential component of effective case planning for probationers. They help officers strategically address the drivers associated with noncompliant behaviors. Best of all, they offer an extensive selection of topics to choose from."

- Community Corrections Training Specialist, Southern State

Research demonstrates that traditional methods of supervision are ineffective in reducing recidivism among adult and juvenile offenders. For behavior change and recidivism reduction to be possible, offenders must understand the personal and environmental factors underlying their offending behavior and be taught the skills they need in order to make positive changes in the future. The Carey Guides are designed to equip corrections professionals with the information and tools they need to support these changes among their clients.

We know that as corrections professionals you have a heavy workload and little time, so we have made the Guides short, practical, and easy to use. They are designed to help you do your job more effectively by translating evidence-based practices into a series of strategies and tools that are quick and to the point.

Your purchase of the Carey Guides includes 33 handbooks that help corrections professionals use EBP with their clients. There are 14 Blue Guides which specifically address offenders’ criminogenic needs and 19 Red Guides which address common case management issues. (Scroll to the bottom of this page to see all 33 Guide titles.)

Each Guide follows a consistent format. Background information provides the corrections professional with important research findings and contextual information to support the application of evidence-based approaches. Each Guide also contains two to five Tools (worksheets). These Tools are designed for use by offenders—with the assistance of their corrections professional—to understand and address risk factors, triggers, and other conditions that are essential to their success. In total, the Guides contain 98 Tools that corrections professionals can use as they work with offenders to address their skill deficits and make positive changes in their lives.

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Carey Guides User's Guide

All users of the Carey Guides are encouraged to download and review the Carey Guides User's Guide. It is free and full of helpful information for new users!

The Electronic Version of the Carey Guides

Customers can choose to purchase either paper versions of the Guides or an electronic version. The electronic version allows users to:

  • Read Guide content from their desks
  • Print Guide Tools (worksheets) in color or black and white, right from their desks
  • Receive, at no additional cost, any future revisions to existing Guides
  • Receive, at no additional cost, ongoing maintenance and support for the Carey Group Publishing's Digital Library
  • Access an agency-based "dashboard" reflecting Guide use by agency staff
  • Produce user- and agency-based management reports on Guide use.

Each electronic license allows one user to access the electronic Guides from two devices.


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Complimentary upgrades to all future revisions to any of the current 33 Guides   x
Complimentary maintenance and support to electronic users   x
Complimentary dashboard (enables administrators to track use of the Carey Guides)   x

Digital Library Tour

Take a video tour of the Digital Library, the platform that houses the electronic Carey Guides and electronic BITS.

The Carey Guides

Blue Guides


Antisocial Associates

Antisocial Thinking

Emotional Regulation

Engaging Prosocial Others

Interpersonal Skills
Involving Families
Involving Families

Moral Reasoning

Family Challenges

Problem Solving

Leisure Activities

Substance Abuse

Your Guide to Success

Red Guides

Behavioral Techniques 

Case Planning 

Co-occurring Disorders 

and Intensity 

Drug Dealers 

Female Offenders

Impaired Driving

Partner Violence 

Sex Offenders


Mental Health 

Meth Users 

Offenders to Change


Responding to


Rewards and Sanctions

Violence and Lethality

What Makes an
Effective Corrections