Supervisor's EBP

Each BriefCASE, $790.00
includes shipping and handling

Each BriefCASE includes:

  • 18 one-hour EBP Booster session modules organized in a 3-ring binder
  • A USB containing pre-session materials for staff, exercises and handouts for each of the 18 coaching sessions, and videoclips to support some of the sessions' exercises
  • 10 sets of materials for line staff, including 18 laminated EBP Skills Cards, CRIMINOGENIC NEEDS CARDS, and a Professional Development Plan

includes shipping and handling

Each set includes two additional of the:

  • Criminogenic needs cards
  • Skills card books
  • Professional Development Plans

The Supervisor's EBP BriefCASE (Coach and Advance Staff in EBP) was developed in response to a growing recognition that training line staff is important but insufficient in building staff members' skills in EBP.  Indeed, research demonstrates that most classroom training is lost if it is not immediately applied and practiced in a "live" work environment.  Furthermore, even skills that are developed through coaching that directly follows classroom training erode if they are not continually reinforced through booster training and continuous quality improvement efforts (such as ongoing skill practice, observation, and feedback).

First-line supervisors are best positioned to provide observation, feedback, coaching, and mentoring to line staff.  Yet despite a recognition that they must play these roles if staff are to develop refined skills in risk reduction techniques, most do not have the knowledge or skills to do so.

As a corrections professional responsible for evoking behavior change, I rely heavily on the BriefCASE and Carey Group Publishing products.

- Community Corrections Administrator, Large Private Provider

The Supervisor’s EBP BriefCASE changed the learning culture of our organization. Initially, our supervisors facilitated the BriefCASE sessions. However, over time we found value in having line officers lead the sessions so that they could expand their knowledge of EBP research by teaching their peers. In doing so, they also further developed their facilitation skills.

- Director of Community Corrections, Midwestern State

The Supervisor's EBP BriefCASE was designed to address two main barriers:

  • First, most first-line supervisors do not believe they have the experience, knowledge, or skills to coach and mentor their staff.  When supervisors lack in-depth understanding of EBP—or confidence in their knowledge—they find it difficult to perform their role as coaches.
  • Second, most supervisors have not established a collaborative, coaching-style working relationship with their staff. 

These barriers prevent supervisors from providing coaching, mentoring, or ongoing skill development to those they supervise. The Supervisor's EBP BriefCASE provides them with the structure to establish a collaborative coaching relationship with staff, and the knowledge and tools to teach and reinforce core correctional practices skills.

The Supervisor's EBP BriefCASE contains 18 modules, designed to be delivered in one-hour sessions with staff over the course of 18 sessions (one per month is recommended). Each module contains all the materials a supervisor needs to guide staff through knowledge and skill development on each topic.

Each module includes:

  • Session preparation materials for staff and supervisors
  • A meeting agenda for the one-hour session
  • A script the supervisor can follow
  • A variety of engaging skill practice exercises and activities (e.g., video clips, skill practice exercises, etc.) that supervisors guide staff through during the EBP BriefCASE session
  • Laminated EPB Skills Cards for line staff.

The 18 modules cover a variety of topics that are core to risk reduction including, among others:

  • Building professional alliance
  • Interpreting and sharing assessment results
  • Identifying "drivers"
  • Identifying skill deficits
  • Conducting skill practice sessions
  • Identifying and redirecting harmful thoughts and beliefs
  • Case planning
  • Applying rewards and sanctions to encourage prosocial behavior.

Agencies across the country implementing the Supervisor's EBP BriefCASE indicate that the BriefCASE sessions:

  • Reinforce the supervisors' role as a coach and mentor
  • Help shift the culture of an organization to a collaborative learning environment that is supportive of the principles and practices of EBP
  • Engage staff and supervisors in clear and honest communication about agency expectations, the vision and mission of the organization, and the important contributions staff at all levels make to risk reduction
  • Build units of staff into high-functioning teams.