Resiliency Builder Series Workbooks

Offered in partnership with Orbis Partners Inc., the Resiliency Builder Series workbooks were created to help men and women learn how to live and cope with extreme stress; develop respectful, trusting, and caring relationships; and increase opportunities for success in their personal, social, and vocational life. There are four workbooks in the series: Creating Calm: A Workbook for Women, Creating Calm: A Workbook for Men, Building Happy and Healthy Relationships, and Looking Forward: Being Home…Staying Home.

Creating Calm Workbooks

Creating Calm: A Workbook for Women
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Creating Calm: A Workbook for Men

The Creating Calm workbooks were written by Dr. Marilyn Van Dieten and Erica King, MSW, of Orbis Partners Inc., for justice-involved women and men residing in both community and facility settings. They were developed to help clients respond proactively and successfully to life’s challenges. Grounded in the neuroscience, trauma, and resilience research, the workbooks integrate strengths-based, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioral strategies to help clients learn how to live and cope with extreme stress, anger, and anxiety. Separate workbooks for women and men reflect their unique needs and realities.

For many justice-involved women and men, the cumulative impact of adverse life events combined with the realities and consequences associated with criminal justice processing can contribute to extreme and ongoing stress that can become toxic. This can elevate the risk for behavioral problems and interfere with the person’s ability to move forward successfully. The Creating Calm workbooks are designed to help clients:

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Creating Calm: A Workbook for Women.

  • Mobilize strengths in order to cope more effectively with extreme stress
  • Understand the impacts of trauma and other adverse life events on the stress response system
  • Prevent loss of control and learn new skills and strategies to identify stressors and to regulate and tolerate intense emotions
  • Reappraise negative thoughts and solve problems
  • Expand and build healthy social supports
  • Prepare to anticipate and respond effectively to future challenges.

The Creating Calm workbooks contain a variety of activities, exercises, and visuals that appeal to adult learners. They can be completed independently by justice-involved clients, or with the assistance of a case manager or peer support specialist. These workbooks can also be used to supplement group programs that focus on violence, anger, and stress management.


Building Happy and Healthy Relationships is for men and women who are interested in developing relationships that are mutually respectful, trusting, and caring. Relationships are challenging, and it is difficult to imagine a healthy alternative when we have experienced a history of relationships characterized by abuse, coercion, and conflict. This workbook is designed to help men and women learn how to assess their current relationships, build and maintain happy and healthy relationships, and learn when it is time to let go. Anticipated release: February 2020.


Looking Forward: Being Home…Staying Home is for women and men who want to design a life that works for them. Drawing on the stories of justice-involved clients who have cultivated options, alternatives, and happiness in their personal, social, and vocational life, this workbook is designed to introduce key strategies and skills that can increase opportunities for successful living. Anticipated release: July 2020.