Release of New Resiliency Builder Series Workbook

Carey Group Publishing is pleased to announce the release of the first workbook in The Resiliency Builder Series, Creating Calm: A Workbook for Women. This 225-page trauma-informed resource, which is now available through Carey Group Publishing, is designed to help justice-involved women learn new ways to address life’s challenges and to cope with past life events. The workbook was developed by Orbis Partners Inc. Carey Group Publishing is honored to partner with Orbis Partners to help meet the growing demand for gender-informed tools.

Grounded in the emerging neuroscience, trauma, and resilience research, Creating Calm: A Workbook for Women integrates strengths-based, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioral interventions to help justice-involved women learn how to live with and manage stress, anxiety, and anger. Forthcoming workbooks include the following:

  • Creating Calm: A Workbook for Men includes strategies and techniques to help men deal effectively with stress and anger.
  • Building Happy and Healthy Relationships addresses the needs of individuals who want to build safe, healthy, mutually respectful, trusting, and caring relationships.
  • Looking Forward: Being Home…Staying Home supports the development of strategies and skills to improve one’s personal, social, and vocational life.

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