Goal Appointment Cards

pack of 100 (with instructions): $30.00
includes shipping and handling

Interactions between case managers and offenders are most likely to result in prosocial behavior change when they are focused on offenders’ criminogenic needs and on the skills offenders need to be successful in their day-to-day lives. The Goal Appointment Cards help provide that focus.

Each Goal Appointment Card lists, in strength-based terms, the key behaviors that lead to successful living (as identified on the 8 Keys to Success Skills Poster) and identifies:

  • The primary case plan goal the offender is currently working on
  • The specific skill that is being developed to support achievement of that goal
  • The offender’s take-home assignment (the action they are expected to take in their day-to-day environment in order to enhance and reinforce skill development)
  • The date of their next appointment
  • The corrections professional’s name and phone number.

In this way, the Goal Appointment Cards help corrections professionals and offenders remain intentionally focused on building skills that will support the achievement of the case plan goals.

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