Criminogenic Needs
Pocket Cards

two-sided cards, 3 3/8" x 2 1/8"
pack of 10: $25.00
includes shipping and handling

Research demonstrates that offender behavior can be positively influenced when we correctly identify and address dynamic—or changeable—risk factors. These risk factors are referred to as "criminogenic needs" in the research literature. Carey Group Publishing's Criminogenic Needs Cards are designed to ensure that corrections professionals know—and focus their efforts on—these key areas. Each Criminogenic Need Card includes the top 8 criminogenic needs printed on one side. On the opposite side, these risk factors are translated into language more appropriate for discussion with offenders. For example, rather than talking to offenders about their "antisocial personality," corrections professionals are guided to address the "life area" "coping/self-control skills." These cards are durable and similar in quality to credit cards. One order includes ten identical cards.