TOD (Tools on Devices)

TOD is an add-on feature to an electronic English Carey Guide license that allows clients to complete Carey Group Publishing tools on their smartphones, tablets, and/or personal computers.

An electronic English Carey Guide license (sold separately) is required to acquire the TOD add-on feature.

TOD – Fillable Carey Guides, $180
Per year per electronic English Carey Guide license

TOD Bundle – Fillable Carey Guides and BITS, $250
Per year per electronic English Carey Guide license

About TOD

Pilot Project Results

TOD was piloted in three probation/parole jurisdictions. Post-pilot survey results indicated the following: 100% of case management staff who used TOD during the pilot phase reported that it was easy to access TOD, add clients, and assign/receive homework. Nearly 90% of clients who used TOD during the pilot phase found it to be user-friendly; 85% reported that they preferred to complete worksheets by phone/computer/tablet than on paper; and nearly 80% said that they are more likely to complete the worksheets through TOD than they would if they were provided in paper form.

Tools on Devices (TOD) is an online web portal that allows corrections professionals to assign fillable Carey Group Publishing tools to their clients. Clients receive email and/or text message notifications of the tool assignments and complete and submit their assignments from their smartphones, tablets, and/or personal computers.

Like electronic Carey Guide licenses, TOD licenses can be transferred from one staff person to another, within the same agency, as staffing patterns dictate. TOD licenses cannot be shared; each license is assigned to one staff member until such time as that license is transferred to another staff member. Sharing electronic Carey Guide licenses and TOD licenses is a copyright violation.

TOD Features

For corrections professionals

  • Staff assign Carey Group Publishing tools to individual clients or groups of clients and designate an assignment due date.
  • A dashboard displays assigned tools that are not started, that are pending completion, that are past due, and that are pending review.
  • Automatic assignment reminders are sent to clients two days before an assignment is due. Staff can also manually send assignment reminders to clients. 
  • Staff manage and view each client on individual client pages. Client pages display a client’s assignment history as well as their contact information.
  • Staff can designate their clients’ communication preferences (e.g., email, text message).
  • Staff can send up to 250 text messages per month.

For clients

  • Clients access, complete, and submit assigned Carey Group Publishing tools from their smartphones, tablets, and personal computers; tools are presented as “fillable forms” on these devices.
  • Clients receive text/email messages notifying them of new assignments or reminding them of outstanding assignments.
  • As clients work on assignments, their work is automatically saved. If they cannot complete an assignment in one sitting, they can return to, and complete, the assignment at a later time.
  • A client dashboard displays new assignments, started assignments, and completed assignments.
  • Clients have access to their completed work for a minimum of six months after discharge.

For agency administration

  • An agency administrator dashboard displays assigned tools pending completion and agency usage statistics.
  • Agency administrators can run reports on their agency’s usage of TOD and client assignment completion rate.
  • Agency administrators can view and manage all clients within their agency who have TOD accounts.
  • Agency administrators can see which criminogenic needs are addressed the most/least frequently based on Guides and BITS usage.

Other TOD Products

Tool Customization

Would you like to keep all of your risk reduction tools in one location? CGP can convert your tools into fillable format and place them in the TOD platform if you have authorship or permission from the source. Contact us for further information and pricing.

In addition, the Carey Guides and BITS are available for use on tablets in correctional facilities. All features are available with the exception of communication via text and email message. Contact us for further information and pricing.

Carey Group Publishing will also be making the Driver Workbook available in an electronic, fillable format later this year, as well as a new tool, Click ‘n Teach, that will help corrections professionals identify and address client skill deficits. Pricing for these additional products is forthcoming.