Structured Worksheets Yield Positive Results

According to a recent study conducted by the research unit of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety (NCDPS), the use of structured worksheets, such as Carey Guide tools, results in lower recidivism rates, fewer violations, increased offender engagement, and other positive outcomes.

Since 2011, North Carolina’s Division of Community Corrections has used structured worksheets—mostly Carey Guide tools—over 227,600 times. NCDPS compared the results of more than 2,000 offenders who completed three or more structured worksheets against a matched sample of offenders who did not use three or more structured worksheets. According to the study, high risk offenders who completed three or more structured worksheets were significantly less likely to commit a new crime (40% less likely) or to violate supervision by absconding (67% less likely), failing to report (37% less likely), or failing to meet financial obligations (36% less likely) during the first six months of supervision than offenders in the comparison group. The study also suggests that the use of three or more structured worksheets helps establish rapport, improve offender engagement, and increase offender receptivity to receiving, and participating in, additional services (e.g., obtaining a substance abuse assessment).

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