4:1 Behavior Management System®

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As jurisdictions across the country work to improve defendant and offender outcomes, an area of increasing interest is the prevention and management of noncompliant (violation) behavior. A body of research evidence is available to support effective practices in this area but agencies are often stymied in their understanding of how best to apply this research in a consistent and comprehensive manner. At the same time, supervisors, managers and other executives are hampered by archaic data systems that do not provide the information that will support an understanding of practices and outcomes at either the case level or across the population served by the agency/jurisdiction.

The 4:1 Behavior Management System® was designed to address these very concerns. The 4:1 Behavior Management System® incorporates the most recent research supporting effective practices in shaping defendant/offender behavior. It has been developed by professionals with practical experience working with agencies in more than 25 states over the past two decades to develop policy frameworks and structured decision making tools to support responses to defendant/offender behavior, both prosocial and noncompliant.

The 4:1 Behavior Management System® contains internal logic to guide staff through:

  • determining consistent and appropriate responses to noncompliant behavior, taking into account defendant/offenders' level of risk, the severity of the violation behavior, the individuals' criminogenic needs, and the purpose of the response (accountability vs. behavior change),
  • determining appropriate responses to prosocial attitudes and behaviors, taking into account their relationship to individuals' criminogenic needs, amount of in-program time, and an assessment of the level of mastery and habituation of the behavior, and
  • identifying the conditions under which a departure from the presumptive response range is appropriate.

The 4:1 Behavior Management System® enables agencies to easily customize the software to account for:

  • local methods of assessing risk,
  • local determinations around the severity and meritoriousness of specific behaviors,
  • local resources available to respond to prosocial and noncompliant behavior, and
  • local values around the factors that should be considered in order to determine the appropriateness of an override or underride.

The 4:1 Behavior Management System® provides the data, information and ease of use staff and managers need to document and understand the impact of practice in this area:

  • With the touch of a button, staff members can generate reports reflecting the history of an individual defendant/offender's behavior—both prosocial and noncompliant—over any specified period of time, along with responses to this behavior and a calculation of the ratio of prosocial to noncompliant responses.
  • Staff members can readily generate a similar report for their entire caseload.
  • Managers can quickly run reports by individual staff member, unit or agency to understand the frequency of behaviors and responses, the ratio of behaviors to responses, the time lapse between behaviors and responses, the frequency of behaviors by risk level, the frequency of specific behaviors and the use of specific responses, and more.

The 4:1 Behavior Management System® provides the capacity for customization including:

  • Incorporating your name and logo into the software banner, and selecting from among six available color schemes.
  • Specifying job titles and hierarchies of positions within the organization, and the decision making authority of each relative to defendant/offender behavior management.
  • Auto-generating emails from staff members to supervisors, judges or others under certain circumstances, such as when a staff member recommends a response outside of a presumptive response range.

Technical Specifications

The 4:1 Behavior Management System® application is written in C# leveraging the .Net 4.5 Framework using Microsoft SQL Server 2014. A standard Internet Browser such as Internet Explorer or Chrome is the primary client for this online application. HTML pages are delivered to the client browser by the application upon a user request. The Web Pages also include JavaScript functions where applicable and the use of Cookies. Server-side validations are performed to ensure all validations are met.

Requirements to host the software are a Windows server operating system with IIS 8 and .net framework 4.5 along with SQL Express 2014 or full license. This application can be hosted alongside existing applications. The bandwidth consumption is minimal. There should not be large amounts of data or traffic to cause a drain on resources.

What is provided: Application files that will need to be copied to the appropriate location. An SQL database back up that will need to be restored.

Learn more about the state of the field on responding to defendant/offender prosocial and noncompliant responses.

Learn more about the expertise of the developers of the 4:1 Behavior Management System®, Madeline Carter and Mark Carey.

Technical Assistance (TA) is available from the Center for Effective Public Policy to agencies interested in developing policy frameworks to guide responses to defendant/offender prosocial and noncompliant (violation) behavior. Contact us for more information.