CGP's Commitment to Racial Equity

This month, CGP celebrated Juneteenth, a day commemorating and honoring the freedom of Black Americans from slavery. Recent and not so recent events suggest that we have experienced less progress since June 19, 1865—indeed, in 401 years of oppression in America—than one would have hoped for, dreamed of, and expected.

Today, we join the voices of many others across this nation and across the world in saying enough is enough. Wake up America; wake up Americans; wake up citizens of the world! The ongoing oppression of Black and Brown Americans and its many manifestations in our health, education, housing, financial, and other institutions—including the justice system—must end, starting now.

Today, we acknowledge that our previous efforts, heartfelt as they were, were not enough. Today, we commit to evaluating every aspect of our work, from our hiring and management practices to our products and services, to ensure that we do not contribute to the harms done to those who have not been afforded the privileges we take for granted. Today, we commit to listening to community. Today, we commit to using our platform to amplify the voices and experiences of all those who experience injustice.

Today, we reaffirm our vision and mission to work in partnership with justice system professionals to achieve justice, fairness, and equity for all. We believe it is possible. We believe it is the only right thing to do.

Today, we start anew. We hope you will too. This will take more than a village.