CGP Responds to COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and in recognition of the fact that many of our customers have suspended face-to-face appointments with clients, Carey Group Publishing is providing our digital users access to our most comprehensive online product, Tools on Devices (TOD) Deluxe.

Within the next few days, all current digital license holders (English version only) will receive a message on their dashboard indicating that they will be receiving a complimentary upgrade until June 1, 2020. Access to TOD Deluxe will enable license holders and their clients to do the following from any smartphone, tablet, or personal computer (without the need for a printer):

  • Remotely assign tools to clients.
  • Have clients complete their assignments online.
  • Monitor each client’s progress.
  • Review and provide online feedback on clients’ skill-building homework.

Included in TOD Deluxe are fillable, online Carey Guides, Brief Intervention ToolS, and the Driver Workbook. Access to CGP’s Tool Navigator—a feature of TOD Deluxe that enables license holders to select the most appropriate tool for each client—will be provided, as will access to the Dosage Meter, a tool that tracks intervention time by client. Under this complimentary upgrade, license holders will also be able to send email messages (unlimited) and text messages (10 per month) notifying clients of their assignments.

There is nothing a current license holder needs to do to gain access to TOD Deluxe. TOD functionality will be added to your account automatically. If you so choose, you can still use your digital license in the same manner as you have previously.

We hope that this service will enable you, our CGP customers, to continue the very important risk reduction work that you do.

From all of us at Carey Group Publishing to all of you, please, stay safe and be well.

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