8 Keys to Success
Skills Poster

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The 8 Keys to Success Skills Poster was designed in response to requests by corrections professionals for an easy-to-use tool that lists the most common skill deficits associated with each of the top 8 criminogenic needs. This attractive poster can be displayed on the corrections professionals' office wall, in program and interview rooms, and/or in common waiting areas. Its purpose is to list, in strength-based terms, the key behaviors that lead to successful living (such as "Live a Sober Lifestyle" and "Maintain Healthy and Supportive Family Relationships"); to identify some of the skills that are essential to success in each area; and to identify practical tools and strategies that corrections professionals can use to assist youthful and adult offenders to develop strength in these criminogenic need areas.

The poster is intended to be used as an interactive tool between the corrections professional and the adult and youthful offenders with whom they work, to aid in the recognition and identification of specific skill deficits that can lead to harmful and illegal behavior, and to support the development of strategies to address these skill deficits.

Included with each purchase is the following:

  • A 22" by 30" inch poster, laminated for durability
  • A one-page laminated document for use by the corrections professional. This document translates each "Key to Success," on the 8 Keys to Success poster, into one of the eight criminogenic needs, and directs the professional to the Carey Group Publishing tools (i.e., Blue Carey Guides, Red Carey Guides, and Brief Intervention ToolS [BITS]) that were developed to help offenders build new, prosocial skills in each area.

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