4:1 Behavior Management System™ in Nebraska: Update!

We previously reported Nebraska Parole’s success in implementing the 4:1 BMS™ software to manage noncompliance and respond to prosocial behavior. See below for some amazing outcome data, recently presented during a workshop at APPA's 2019 Summer Training Institute.

A big shout-out to Julie Micek, Director of Nebraska Parole Supervision and Services, and Assistant Director Jennifer Miller, for the “From 0 to EBP in Under 4 Years” workshop at APPA's 2019 Summer Training Institute. Part of their evolution has been implementation of CGP’s 4:1 Behavior Management System™. They report that staff have found the 4:1 BMS™ simple to operate and integrate with their case management system, and administrators can’t get enough of its robust reporting features. Some of their most important outcome data include:

  • 15% reduction in revocation hearings
  • 25% reduction in technical violation hearings
  • 30% reduction in recidivism (following people two years post-supervision).

Thanks for paving the way, Nebraska Parole!

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