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…are Carey Group Publishing (CGP) products used? CGP products are used by juvenile & adult agencies, in community & institutional settings, in 38 states & Canada, St. Kitts/ Nevis & S. Korea. They are also used in non-correctional schools, human services agencies & pretrial/diversion programs.
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TCG/CGP Becomes APPA Corporate Sponsor

Digital Library Tour

Have you wondered about Carey Group Publishing’s electronic products (Carey Guides and BITS in English and Spanish) and what the “Digital Library” looks like? Get the insider’s view by watching this short (3 minute) video:

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Carey Guides Now Available in Spanish

¡Hola! You asked, we answered! For years Carey Guide users have been asking us to translate the Guides to Spanish. It’s finally happened; the Spanish Guides have arrived! The Spanish Guides are identical to the English version: 33 Carey Guides (Guias Carey), with 14 Blue Guides (Guías Azules) and 19 Red Guides (Guías Rojas). Available electronically only.

New Product: Driver Workbook

Carey Group Publishing proudly announces the release of the Driver Workbook, a tool to identify the criminogenic need that “drives” an individual offender’s behavior.
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New Product: Goal Appointment Cards

Carey Group Publishing proudly announces the release of the Goal Appointment Card. How is this card different from others? In a word: focus.

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