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Driver Workbook: More Than 10,000 Sold!

Carey Guides Index

33 Carey Guides! 98 tools! It can be difficult to know which tool to use when. We’d like to share with you an index that one of our customers created to help Carey Guide users. It includes the names of all the Blue Guides and Red Guides, the names of the tools in each guide, and the purpose of each tool. Click here to see the index.

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New Carey Guides and Driver Workbook Sequencing Chart

Carey Group Publishing has developed a new sequencing chart that helps corrections professionals understand an appropriate order for using the Carey Guides and the Driver Workbook. The sequencing chart also supports The Carey Group’s new 10 Steps to Risk Reduction training curriculum.

North Carolina and the Carey Guides

Since 2011, North Carolina’s Division of Community Corrections has used worksheets over 227,600 times as part of its effort to promote behavior change while holding offenders accountable. With this effort, revocation rates have decreased from 37.6% in 2011 to 18.6% in 2015. Many of the worksheets have been Carey Guide Tools. In fact, all 1,870+ officers in Community Corrections have used a Carey Guide!

Where in the World…

…are Carey Group Publishing (CGP) products used? CGP products are used by juvenile & adult agencies, in community & institutional settings, in 38 states & Canada, St. Kitts/ Nevis & S. Korea. They are also used in non-correctional schools, human services agencies & pretrial/diversion programs.
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TCG/CGP Becomes APPA Corporate Sponsor

Digital Library Tour

Have you wondered about Carey Group Publishing’s electronic products (Carey Guides and BITS in English and Spanish) and what the “Digital Library” looks like? Get the insider’s view by watching this short (3 minute) video:

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