A Sneak Peak at TOD

A big thank you to everyone who dropped by The Carey Group’s booth at the APPA Summer Institute in New York City. We’re thrilled that you had a chance to meet TOD!

TOD, which stands for Tools on Devices, is our new interactive platform that allows justice-involved individuals to complete fillable tools, such as Carey Guide tools, Brief Intervention ToolS (BITS), and the Driver Workbook, on laptops, tablets, and cell phones. Then, once assignments are completed, they are electronically submitted to the assigned corrections professional.

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Why Carey Guides

In our work with corrections professionals, we repeatedly hear practitioners say, “We need tools to help change offenders’ behaviors in critical skill deficit areas.” The Carey Guides were developed in direct response to that need. Each Carey Guide set includes 33 Guides that address specific topics related to criminogenic needs and other critical case management issues.